Le Parc est accessible , tous les jours pour la promenade.
Nous attendons les consignes pour la réouverture des activités de loisirs.

Le Snack est ouvert pour la vente à emporter de boissons et de restauration rapide de 13h à 18h les mercredis, samedis, dimanches et tous les jours pendant les vacances de Noël.

Le Golf est ouvert tous les jours uniquement sur réservation.

Nous comptons sur vous pour respecter les mesures de protection sanitaire.

L'équipe du Parc et du Golf d'Olhain


Environmental policy

Environmental policy of the departmental parc d’Olhain

With its natural setting and social vocation, the Ethic Etapes of the departmental Parc d’Olhain attaches great importance to the notion of sustainability in its offering and in the development of its activity.

Parc d’Olhain Ethic-Etapes areas of commitment:

  • A purchasing policy that aims at reducing the energy balance,(lightbulbs, IT equipment, maintenance & production equipment, etc.) and promoting sustainable consumption and production (EDF Equilibre contract, preferring local suppliers and fair-trade products, using ecolabelled products, etc.) ;

  • Implementation of procedures to limit consumptions (water, energy, cleaning products, etc.) and waste production (remote reading of water meters, monitoring of electricity consumption, waste production quantification, etc.);

  • Controlled production and management of waste : selective sorting, use of nonreusable products, reduced packaging, etc.;

  • Eco-responsible communication to reduce environmental impacts : development of electronic communication and tools, use of recycled or PEFC paper for printing, etc.;

  • Social commitment to team management : recruitment of social insertion personnel, training for resocialisation, youth employment as part of community service, etc.;
  • Continuous improvement policy thanks to consumption indicators implemented and short, medium and long-term commitments, and by taking account of comments made by guests on our satisfaction questionnaire.
  • Personnel training to learn and apply new practices ;

  • Visitor information regarding our policy and encouragement to respect the environment (posters of best practices with setting by Rhéa) ;

  • Events organised for various publics around themes concerning the environment, fauna and flora, and heritage specific to our Region (Night of the owl, LPO day, spring clean-up, etc.) ;

  • Promotion of physical activity as a means to preserve health capital(sports courses, events, discovery days, etc.).

Ecolabel_logookbat2010ince the month of October 2011 the Parc d’Olhain Ethic-Etapes has held the European Ecolabel for Tourist Accommodation Services awarded by AFNOR. Thus we are a member  of the handful of Ethic-Etapes already certified. The European Ecolabel recognises the most environmentally-friendly products and services by guaranteeing their quality.

For more information about the Ecolabel, check out the AFNOR website:
Our registration no. is Eu Ecolabel: FR/025/148